Android Movies


1. Is there any website that allows you to download movies from my mobile
browser on my android so I can watch them?

Netflix is your best option. You can also download movies directly from the
Android Market if you want to actually purchase them

2. Can't get Netflix to work on my Android 2.2 tablet. I just got an Android 2.2
tablet downloaded the Netflix app and can't get Netflix to work. I can log in
and pick a movie I wanna watch but when the tablet tries to play the movie
it loads forever then goes back to the main screen. What can I do to get Netflix to work?

While Android OS is somewhat standardized - the various phones and tablets
have HUGE differences in their video hardware and Netflix does not easily work
on all of them using the latest, greatest version of the app.

First - you have to learn how to side-load an application. This means emailing
or sending the .APK file to your tablet without using the Marketplace. Then
using the file manager to select the file and choose INSTALL. (You need to go
into settings and allow apps to be installed from non-market sources first).

Second - you need to find out what version of the Netflix app works with your
tablet. My Viewsonic G tablet works with the 2.4.6 version of the app. I
side-loaded it and I am actually watching Netflix on it while I type. (back episodes of Eureka).

3. Blu Ray digital copy for android? I just bought my first blu ray movie can you
tell me if the digital copy will work on my htc incredible 2 and what will I need to download
to get it on there. ?

Yes the digital copy that you get to download with the purchase of the Blu-Ray
will work on Android devices. Did your phone come with a media manager software?
If so that is what you would use to transfer it to your device. I know with my
Droid X Verizon provided a software to manage all this and it works fine so
your provides should have something for you along these lines.

The other answers above just tell you how to use current software to convert
blu ray into Android format but it's not necessary if you have the digital copy.
I really like Blu-Cloner's Blu Ray converter.